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Unique, Individualised Support
for children, adolescents and adults
Support Sessions in Relaxing Surroundings
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Welcome to Nature and Nurture

We offer unique and individualised support to children, adolescents and adults by utilising the relaxing and therapeutic surroundings of the natural world.

Our unique and individualised support.

We are fortunate to be based in beautiful Norfolk, boasting so many scenic natural areas to find peace and tranquillity.

Whether you are struggling with depression, anxiety, stress, bereavement, low self-esteem, relationship issues, significant life changes, or are just going through a difficult time, our non-judgemental innovative approach could be the answer you’re searching for.

We don’t believe people fit neatly into boxes so we have developed a revolutionary approach to help people who may find traditional counselling/talking therapy methods too intimidating and intense.


Support Sessions in Natural Settings

By offering our support sessions on our boat ‘Spirit Of Joy’ on the Norfolk Broads, walking through the countryside, the woods, or along a beach, we are sure that not only will you feel a million miles away from your daily struggles, but feel re-energised and reinvigorated to go back and overcome any challenge.

Therapeutic Services for Individuals & Families

We offer many other services including tailored activities to build young people’s independence and resilience, As well as treasured memory making experiences for families approaching the loss of a terminally ill family member. Whatever your need, we look forward to meeting you.


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words from people we have helped…

  • You’ve been there for the times they feel like talking to me would be upsetting

  • with the love, honesty and support given, she now has a toolbox of skills to tackle her fears and insecurities. Best of all she is talking and I’m listening to the daughter I thought I had lost

  • Thank you, I’ve got memories I’ll treasure forever