our story

A word from our founder.

My passion for helping others through times of adversity originates from being bereaved of both parents as a teenager.

There was not appropriate support available when I needed it most.

I was sent to see a cliché of a counsellor who was an elderly lady whose dark and dusty counselling room was furnished with a leather chez lounge, where I was expected to open up about my innermost thoughts and feelings.

No effort was made to build a rapport, gain my trust or even understand me.

Needless to say, this approach was not suited to my young needs.

I felt unable to burden my family as they were hurting too and didn’t want to bring my friends down, I didn’t want to be different.

I needed to speak to someone who wasn’t emotionally involved, someone who had no expectations of me, who wouldn’t judge me, but who would care…

That is why I created Nature and Nurture.

I have had many roles striving to help others in some way.

I worked with adults with mental health problems, children with disabilities, and both children and adults who have been bereaved. My professional studies and life so far has led me to this point and I firmly believe that by turning to us, we will not only help you reconnect with nature, but reconnect with yourself and help you live the life you deserve.

Take care

Ryan Doubleday – Founder, Nature and Nurture

A better vision

Our goal is for no person to feel isolated and alone with their struggles. We offer a safe outlet for your personal and often overwhelming emotions. We will listen, nurture and empower you. We believe you can get through this and we’ll be here to help in any way we can.

Would you like more information ?

For a confidential chat about help we can offer you please call us or send us a message

words from people we have helped…

  • You’ve been there for the times they feel like talking to me would be upsetting

  • with the love, honesty and support given, she now has a toolbox of skills to tackle her fears and insecurities. Best of all she is talking and I’m listening to the daughter I thought I had lost

  • Thank you, I’ve got memories I’ll treasure forever